Prep & Calculate

Calulate Area & Ground Preparation

Measuring and Ordering

Measuring the area that you plan to Turf – "Length" times "Width" equals "Square Footage".  Order your Turf for delivery after the preparation work is completed and you are ready to install. Installation on the day of the delivery is a crucial factor to the beginning of your lawn.

Soil Preparation

Remove existing grass and weeds, loosen topsoil to a depth of 4-6 inches with a spade or rototiller.  If topsoil is brought in, use a minimum of 3 inches and incorporate into existing soil.  Level using a rake.  If necessary, add dolomite or agriculture grade limestone at the rate of 50 lbs. per 1000 square feet.  Rake and level simultaneously, roll the area lightly for a smooth surface.  Prior to Turf installation apply starter fertilizer 16-16-16, following the directions on bag.

Do Not use weed and feed type fertilizer when installing.  Rake area lightly and roll with lawn roller 1/3 full of water.  This will firm the soil surface and reveal low areas which need to be filled in.  Keep the grade 1/2 inch below sidewalks and driveways.  Water the area to settle the soil and provide a moist base for the turf.
Preparing the ground for new turf.
Q. How long do I have to install the sod once it’s delivered?

A. You should install the sod the same day it’s brought to you!  

Square Footage Calculator

How to measure the area of a triangle to find out how many square feet of turf you need to purchase.
How to measure a circle to calculate how many square feet you need of turf.

Irregular Shapes

Break irregular shapes into measurable pieces.
How to measure irregular shaped turf.
Fun foot prints made from turf grass.
Irregular turf grass shapes.

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