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 Snap Edge Paver Edging TM

Snap Edge Paver Edging, Paver Restraint
Snap Edge TM strongly secures the interlocking pavement system and will keep it looking beautiful through the years! 

For natural stone, wet cast slabs & thin pavers.
  • Injection mold design provides strength and stability.
  • Thick back walls reinforced by buttresses for strength.
  • Reinforced spike bosses securely hold edging in place.
  • Design allows for grass growth along paver edge.
  • Resists warping, twisting and breaking.
  • Straight, curves, complete radius, without waste.
  • Can be installed before or after placing paving products.

Snap Edge TM comes in an 8' piece, has a back wall height of 1 7/8" and is designed to be used with pavers 2" - 3 1/8" thick.  
Installing Edge Restraint with pavers
How To Install Edge Restraint

 AWS Pedestal Systems™

AWS Pedestal Systems
We carry AWS Pedestal Systems, used to elevate and support pavers, natural cut stone, ceramic tiles and wood tile systems.
AWS Pedestal Systems

Techniseal Jointing Sand

This highly effective jointing sand mix allows the joints of your pavers to retain their original appearance for as long as possible, by repelling ants and other insects and by preventing weed growth. 

Main Benefits of Using Techniseal  Polymeric Sand

Works to stabilize pavers.
Adjusts to the movements of surfaces. 
It will never crack and it will remain permanently in the joints. 

Quick and easy to use!
 The sand is applied dry and it begins to harden within a few minutes after wetting.  It quickly becomes resistant to erosion caused by water.

Once dried and cured, this jointing sand prevents the invasion of insects and repels weeds.

We carry both RG + and HP2 Polymeric Sand

For false or wide joints, high - humidity or high-traffic areas we recommend the use of the HP2 Polymeric Sand. 
DesignMix paver jointing sand

Paver Jointing Sand 

Sand used for sweeping into joints of concrete paver, 
architectural slab and brick paver surfaces. 

Graded, washed, low dust aggregate designed for
commercial and residential paver applications. This 
professional grade jointing sand is dried and screened
to provide a product ideally suited for the specialized 
requirements of paver joint filling.

Available in 80 lb. bags

Surebond joint stabilizing sealer

SUREBOND Joint Stabilzing Sealer 

Immediate Application


Water Base

Exceeds all VOC and EPA Standards

Will Not Trap Moisture & Efflorescence.
 SB-1300 is a water-base, single component epoxy-modified Matte Finish sealer and joint sand stabilizer. The product can be used inside and outside, on existing and new pavements, for sealing paving stones and stabilizing joint sand between interlocking concrete, clay and natural stone pavers. It also seals and protects decorative, stamped and patterned concrete that has been colored with integrals, acid stains, release agents and color hardeners, as well as cast in place and pre-cast concrete at the same time

Type 3 SuperWet Adhesive

Type 3 SuperWet® Adhesive

Super Premium Adhesive is great for step veneering and freeze - thaw areas. 

This adhesive can be applied to wet or saturated material, making it perfect for late season application. Great for areas subjected to heavy loads like step treads and pool coping. Type III adhesive foams during curing and will fill up to 1/4 inch. Allow 24 hours curing time before traffic is allowed. 75 percent strength in 24 hours, 95 percent strength in 48 hours. Substrate should be dust and dirt free. If extremely dry, spraying with water on surfaces before application will help adhesive cure properly.

Application range: 35 degrees to 110 degrees F.
Cleanup with mineral spirits before dry.
50 linear feet of bead per tube

Grip Rite logo

Grip Rite 10" Spike

Grip Rite 10
Used to secure railroad ties, landscaping timbers and thick members used in log home construction.

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